Artist Showcase: “Santa Clara”


Moving up in the music world just simply ain’t easy. It can be hard at times to even be recognized by the right players to move your career forward.  Santa Clara, a pop artist from Victoria B.C. continually progresses forward with his consistent radio tours across North America.

Here below showcases his most recent song ‘Human’

Supported by record label Prodigy Records, in which he signed with only a few years ago. Santa Clara has made a climb on the north american billboards and scoring in the top 40.

Santa Clara’s first single ‘Cast Away’ released shortly after signing with Prodigy Records. Scoring Santa Clara a rank of 36 on the adult top 40 indicator chart.



Back in 2014, Santa Clara had risen on the top 40 indicator charts at a rank of 32. The U.S. music market treated him well and it seems that progression was well-based in the U.S. melt away

Listen to his ranked song ‘Melt Away’ here—–>

Santa Clara is emerging into the music ranks and it’s only a matter of time before he reaches your eardrums.

Follow his progress at his facebook page—–>  Click Here

Don’t forget to request any of Santa Clara’s songs on the radio——> Click Here

I recommend this artist to the revolutionary’s, step out and live it.












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